Environmental governance and eco-friendliness play an integral part in consumer awareness today which we take seriously.

At Capital, our products are subjected to stringent examination, constantly being tested for any harmful substance, emissions, particularly with regard to the chemicals and auxiliaries used in the finishing process. After all, these can come in direct contact with our human body. We are proud to share that all our threads are Oeko-Tex Standard 100, Class I for baby clothing certified and will not pose any known risk to human health. Click here for latest parameters tested under this Class.

This is on top of any other ad hoc tests we conduct on the threads with Bureau Veritas Consumer Product Services and SGS Testing and Control Services as part of our internal audit quality assurance program.

In addition, we strongly believe in maintaining a safe workplace which recognizes the importance of each individual’s contribution.

All our factories strive to promote and motivate employees at all levels to participate in discussing safety and health issues arising from the work place. This has led to establishing Safe Practices at Work (SPW) so that all works are carried out safely and the risks of injury to our staff including equipment damage are eliminated or minimized.

We take immense pride in our state-of-the-art technology in recycling all our dyeing resources where there is very minimal to no emission to the environment.           


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