Capital started out with just a second-hand thread winding machine. Equipped with only perseverance and determination, the company established its foothold in the industry and began expanding shortly after a few years.


Having been in the textile business since early 1990s; the company has seen numerous economic downturns, recessions, digital and electronics technology revolution. We have emerged each time, stronger and more determined than the last to succeed as one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of industrial sewing thread in the market.

It is with visionary leadership and resilience market strategy that Capital is able to excel and ultimately value-add to the services provided to all our customers. Constant reviews and never-ending improvements were also some of the key push factors to making it all happen.

We have, over the years expanded our regional facilities, keeping pace with technological improvements and state-of-the-art machinery equipments to become few of the region’s most prominent manufacturers and distributors of sewing threads and industrial yarn.

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